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Shopper Romée - Rise of Rosa - ShopperShopper Romée - Rise of Rosa - Shopper

Shopper Romée

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Shopper Liva - Rise of Rosa - ShopperShopper Liva - Rise of Rosa - Shopper

Shopper Liva

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Handbag Laila - Rise of Rosa - Hand bagHandbag Laila - Rise of Rosa - Hand bag

Handbag Laila

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Handbag Lynn - Rise of Rosa - Hand bagHandbag Lynn - Rise of Rosa - Hand bag

Handbag Lynn

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Shoulder bag Maeve - Rise of Rosa - Shoulder bagShoulder bag Maeve - Rise of Rosa - Shoulder bag

Shoulder bag Maeve

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Elegance & Quality
• Made from the most supple and refined leather. You feel it, you see it. And so do others.
• With our timeless and sturdy leather backpacks, you will always look stylish - year after year.
• The beauty of this quality leather only increases over the years. It's use that gives your bag even more character.
Stylish and functional
• Our professional designers have created a modern, elegant and timeless design.
• The leather bags have adjustable shoulder straps and handy storage compartments for your essentials, such as your water bottle, keys, phone and make-up.
• Whether you are at work, walking, in town or traveling, our backpack with a classic look is multifunctional and fits perfectly with any situation and outfit.
Sustainable innovations
• The exterior of the leather bags is made of sustainable leather from LWG Silver-certified tanneries.
• The linings are made of 100% recycled PET bottles.
• To ensure healthy and safe working conditions, we only work with SA8000-certified factories.

All Leather bags

The entire collection is designed ‘in-house’ by our own designers. Each design has a recognizable Dutch touch. That is why our collections have that extra that the Netherlands is known for.

Simple, sustainable, practical and recognizable. That’s why our bags earn the designation “Design of the Lower Lands".

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