What Rise of Rosa Does for the Environment

Learn how Rise of Rosa is making a positive and sustainable impact on the environment and find out how you can join us in our mission to make meaningful change!

Are you looking for premium leather bags made with sustainability and ethical production in mind? Look no further than Rise of Rosa. Our mission is to prioritize the environment in every step of our design process. Our bags aim not only to look stylish, but also support environmental protection from production to your doorstep. Read on for more information about how Rise of Rosa takes a holistic approach when it comes to sustainability!

Our focus within the B Corp Assessment is on the Impact Business Models "Environment" and "Community."

What we do for our environment

Sustainability is at the heart of every choice we make. We make responsible choices for the materials needed to make a bag. From the leather to the stitching and from the lining to the packaging. We keep up with technical developments in materials and constantly look for improvements.

  •  100% of Our Leather Comes from LWG Silver Certified Tanneries

We consider it extremely important that the leather we use is tanned and processed with respect for people and the environment. Starting from 2022, we proudly source 100 % of our leather from LWG Silver certified tanneries. LWG, which stands for Leather Working Group, is an organization dedicated to promoting environmentally responsible practices throughout the leather supply chain. These certified tanneries are audited and rated on their compliance with strict environmental, health, and safety standards. By using LWG certified leather, we reduce water and chemical usage and improve waste management. We want our customers to feel good about the leather products they purchase. Through our collaboration with LWG Silver certified tanneries, we can ensure that our bags are made with respect for people and the environment.  

  • 100% of Our Linings Are Made from Recycled PET Bottles

We, at Rise of Rosa, value a circular approach. Our high quality inner linings are made from recycled PET bottles from Waste2Wear. By diverting plastic bottles from landfills and oceans, Wate2Wear creates high-quality textiles that reduce our reliance on new materials. We choose to work with Waste2Wear because they provide 100% traceable and sustainable textiles, and they share our commitment to environmental responsibility. By scanning the QR code on each of our bags you can follow the full supply process. Our customers can feel good knowing that the lining in their bag is made from recycled materials.

  •  100% of our Labels/Boxes Come from FSC Certified Suppliers

All our cards on and in the bags come from FSC-certified suppliers. This also applies to the boxes in which we send our bags to our happy recipients. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an organization that promotes responsible forest management. FSC certified suppliers must source materials from responsibly managed forests, ensuring that the wood used for our packaging is not contributing to deforestation. By using FSC certified materials, we are doing our part to protect the environment and promoting sustainable forestry practices.

  •  100% of the polybags we use are recycled or recyclable

All our bags are packed in a polybag, made from 100 % recycled material or recyclable material. We aim to use only fully recycled polybags in 2024.

  •  We use mostly organic cotton for our shoulder straps

For the webbing of the shoulder straps we mostly use recycled cotton that meets the requirements of the GRS (Global Recycled Standard).

  •  We do not use silica granules to prevent any moisture build-up during transport, but we use a biodegradable product, made from clay granules.
  •  We calculated our Scope 1 and offsetting is done by investing in sustainable energy projects of the Climate Neutral Group.
  •  We have established a purchasing philosophy for the products we use in the office so that we consciously buy from local and sustainable companies.
  •  For environmental reasons, we try to make as few business flights as possible and communicate online as much as possible with our suppliers in India and our customers.
  •  95% of the transport of our goods from India is by sea, which is much less polluting than by plane.
  •  One of our factories installed solar panels which generate around 60 % of their total requirement. Within a few years they plan to take this up to 80 %.

  • We have several repair options that we offer to customers who want to repair their bags instead of replacing them with new ones.

 Conclusion :

We believe that sustainability is a journey, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our practices. We keep up to date with the latest technical developments in materials, and we are always looking for new and innovative solutions to minimize our environmental footprint. We want our customers to not only love their bags but also feel good knowing that they are making a positive impact on the environment. So why not join us today in protecting and preserving our planet ? Buy a stylish and functional Rise of Rosa bag now and take part in this movement towards sustainability ! Together, we can create a better future by making thoughtful choices !

Wear it, love it and keep it!

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