About Rise of Rosa

We are Rise Of Rosa, a family business specialized in leather goods. We have been making sustainable fashion for 30 years. We produce our bags at an affordable price and continuously develop in the expansion of sustainable techniques. In this way we contribute to the solution for the large amount of waste. We make our choices based on an ecologically and socially responsible approach.

Rise with us

Our Mission: Creating affordable, sustainable bags with style

For over 30 years, we have been creating exquisite, high-quality leather bags. Our mission is to make sustainable products at an affordable price, making them accessible to a wide audience. Working sustainably for people and the environment, using innovative techniques and working as much as possible with recycled and recyclable products which take us towards a cleaner future. We strive to make a positive difference in the lives of both our bag makers and our customers. We engage in constant communication with our suppliers, ensuring that our goals match.

By joining forces we can make our mission for a better tomorrow become reality today.

Our Commitment

Each year in Europe alone, nearly 5 billion kilos of clothing are discarded. Sadly, most of these items are cheaply made with low quality and produced under questionable conditions. Consequently, they end up in landfills or polluting the sea, posing threats to both our environment and our well-being. 

However, we firmly believe that there is a better way. By offering sustainable products with timeless designs that are built to last, we can achieve triple benefits: improving the lives of the makers, providing buyers with beautiful and valuable items, and lightening the burden on our planet.

Our Approach: 

We approach our commitment with concrete questions in mind. How can we reduce our environmental footprint? What is the most eco-friendly way to transport our bags? In what ways can we recycle materials and incorporate them into our products? And most importantly, how can we positively impact the lives of the people working alongside us?

Concrete Solutions: 

We are actively pursuing solutions to these questions and are constantly keeping up with the latest developments in the ecological and social fields. The choices we make on this journey are the foundation of our company. We carefully select partners who share our commitment to excellence and sustainability at every step of the production chain.

By land, sea or air?

As we do not produce domestically, transport is a major concern in our company. We want to make sure we make the right choices in this step too. We plan our deliveries far ahead so that we can almost always have our goods arrive by ship. This saves enormously on CO2 emissions from transport. Flying is fast and efficient, but it is also much more polluting than any other form of transport. We transport 95% of our goods by ship. Only on rare occasions do we use air transport. 

The distribution of our products from the warehouse to our customers must also be environmentally friendly. For this, we use DHL Go Green wherever and whenever it is available. 

The Future

Through trial and error, our vision of a sustainable future is becoming a reality. We create stunning, sustainable leather bags at an affordable price. Our customers and producers share our conviction that sustainability is the only path forward.

In Conclusion: We have the right partners and the perfect timing to embark on this journey together!

giving back to community

To make a contribution to a better life of the poorest children in Calcutta, we will donate part of our turnover to “Calcutta Rescue”- education program. 

Calcutta Rescue is an Indian-registered charity working to improve the lives of the poorest people in and around Calcutta. This organization provides free healthcare, vocational training, social support and sanitation. They also run two educational institutes, which provide love, care, support and a safe learning environment for Kolkata’s street and slum children.

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