Our sustainable approach

We live in a consumer society, where nearly 5 billion kilos of clothes are thrown away every year in Europe alone. Most of these garments are only worn for a short time driven by trends in the fashion industry. This has harming consequences for both people and the environment, as these fashion items end up in large landfills or pollute our oceans. It is common for cheap products to be produced under poor conditions to keep prices low. However, we believe there is a better way.

That is why at Rise of Rosa we are convinced of the need to use natural resources and recycled materials in our production process. Our leather bags have a timeless design. By making sustainable products that stand the test of time, we generate double benefits. Both for the makers, who produce something valuable and sustainable, and for the environment, which is less polluted.

In search of solutions: Our commitment to sustainability

At Rise of Rosa, we strive to do more than just observe. We actively look for innovative solutions to reduce our impact on the environment. From finding the most eco-friendly means of transportation for our products to recycling materials for our bags, we are constantly exploring ways to make a positive difference.

But our commitment goes further. We also care about the well-being of our employees, with the ambition of improving their quality of life. These principles and goals guide our decisions and serve as the key pillar of Rise of Rosa. This is why we only work with companies that share our vision.

Together, we can optimize every link in the chain and build a more sustainable future.

Our commitment to sustainable material choices

In our company, sustainability guides every decision we make. This also applies to our careful selection of materials. We make responsible choices in order to make high-quality bags. From the leather to the stitching and from the lining to the packaging, no detail is forgotten. While we are confident in our current material choices, we stay up to date with the latest technical developments and constantly look for ways to further improve our materials.

Design of the Lower Lands : More than just beautiful

Experience the beauty of Dutch design with our bag collection, all made in-house by our talented designers. Our bags carry the essence of Dutch simplicity and durability and embody a timeless and recognizable style. We are proud of our commitment to quality and ensure that each bag is carefully designed to avoid defects and ensure longevity. By avoiding unnecessary material costs and return emissions, we guarantee the exceptional quality of our bags. Discover the remarkable impact of our careful attention to every detail. Discover the 'Design of the Lower Lands' and elevate your style.

Social responsibility as a priority: Our commitment to ethical practices

In our company, we understand how important it is to care for the people who make our products. It is not just about ensuring proper working conditions, but also about valuing their overall living environment. We set the same high standards for our suppliers. In terms of social responsibility, our goal is not only to improve working conditions, but also to have a positive impact on the lives of our employees. This is why part of our profits go to local charities in our employees' immediate vicinity in India.

Transport: choosing the greenest option

When it comes to our production and delivery process, transport plays a crucial role. As we do not produce in the Netherlands, we make environmental choices a priority.

To reduce pollution, we take several measures. Firstly, we plan our deliveries well in advance and ensure that most of our goods are transported by ship. This significantly minimizes the impact of transport on the environment. Although flying is fast and efficient, it is also the most polluting form of transport.
This is why we opt for transport by sea. Once our products arrive at our warehouse, they are prepared for shipment in an environmentally friendly way.

Whenever possible, we use DHL Go Green for our deliveries. By minimizing the use of bulky filling material, our packages remain compact and multiple shipments can be planned more efficiently.

At every step, we are committed to making environmentally conscious decisions to reduce our carbon footprint.

Futuregoals : embracing sustainability and transparency

Our company has set clear goals for the future. By 2025, we want to source at least 25% of our leather from LWG Gold tanneries, instead of Silver tanneries, known for their high sustainability standards.

We understand how important it is to continuously improve the sustainability of all the materials we use in the production of our bags. Therefore, we are
constantly looking for new developments and ways to optimise our impact on the environment.

In line with our commitment to sustainability, we already achieved B Corp certification with a score of 101 points. This certification is an evidence of our commitment to
include sustainability in our core values and corporate governance. By including sustainability in our bylaws, we can transparently document our progress and choices. We aim for an even higher score when we are recertified in 3 years.

Follow us on our journey to a more sustainable future as we take concrete steps to deliver on our promises and demonstrate our commitment to the planet and our