High quality
Elegant and classic crossbody bag
Made of durable quality leather
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Stylish & high quality
• Made of strong and supple leather. So this crossover bag is up to any challenge.
• Thanks to the strong, high-quality zips, your belongings will stay safe.
• The appearance of this quality leather only increases over the years. It's use that gives your bag even more character.
Elegant and functional
• Modern, cool yet timeless design by our professional designers.
• The crossbody bags have an adjustable strap and practical storage compartments for your keys, make-up, wallet and smartphone.
• The refined stylish look suits every outfit and situation, while shopping, at a festival or travelling.
Sustainable innovations
• The crossbody bag is made of sustainable leather from LWG Silver-certified tanneries.
• The linings are made of 100% recycled PET bottles.
• To ensure healthy and safe working conditions, we only work with SA8000-certified factories.

Leather Crossbody Bags

A leather crossbody bag for women is the perfect combination of style and functionality. These bags are designed to be worn comfortably across your body, keeping your hands free.

This makes it perfect for any outfit and situation, from work to travel or simply for leisure. With Rise of Rosa's leather crossbody bags, you have all your essentials quickly at hand.

What is a crossbody bag?

A crossbody bag is a type of bag that you wear across your body, from one shoulder to the opposite hip. This design ensures an even distribution of weight and offers extra security, as the bag stays close to your body.

Crossbody bags come in various styles, sizes, and materials, but leather crossbody bags are particularly popular due to their durability and luxurious appearance.

Different colors

At Rise of Rosa, we offer high-quality leather crossbody bags in two different colors: black and brown. These are two of the most popular colors for crossbody bags as they are easy to pair with outfits for both work and private life.

Black crossbody bag

A black crossbody bag is a timeless piece that matches virtually any outfit. Black leather exudes elegance and simplicity, making it perfect for both formal and informal occasions. A black crossbody bag is versatile and can easily be combined with other accessories and clothing items.

Brown crossbody bag

A brown crossbody bag offers a warm, natural look that is especially beautiful when paired with casual and bohemian styles. Brown leather develops a beautiful patina over time, making the bag more attractive the more you use it. A brown bag is ideal for daily use and adds a cozy, stylish touch to your outfit.

Crossbody bags for women: practical and stylish

A crossbody bag for women is not only fashionable but also extremely practical. These bags are perfect for daily use, travel, shopping, and even business meetings. Thanks to the hands-free design, you can easily navigate through crowded streets, get on and off public transportation, and keep your personal belongings safe.

Business occasions: A leather crossbody bag is an excellent choice for business meetings. It offers enough space for your essential items such as your phone, wallet, keys, and even a tablet or small laptop. The sleek, professional design ensures you always look well-groomed.

Informal occasions: For informal occasions, such as a day out or an evening with friends, a crossbody bag is a stylish and functional choice. You have your hands free to shop, take pictures, or simply enjoy your day without worrying about holding your bag.

Advantages of a crossbody bag

  1. Comfortable and ergonomic: Wearing the bag across your body ensures an even distribution of weight, making it more comfortable to carry than a handbag or shoulder bag.

  2. Safety: Because the bag stays close to your body, it is harder for thieves to steal your bag or grab your belongings. This makes crossbody bags a safe choice for busy urban environments.

  3. Hands-free: With a crossbody bag, you have your hands free to perform other tasks such as making phone calls, shopping, or holding children. This makes it a practical choice for an active lifestyle.

Fashionable design by our professional designers

A beautiful bag, with a fashionable design, created by our expert designers! Our range of leather crossover bags allows you to look chic in any situation. With leather bag Olivia in cognac, camel crossbody bag Donna or brown crossbody bag Poppy - one thing is for sure: all eyes will be on you as soon as you walk through the door.

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