We offer a 3-year warranty on your new Riseofrosa bag. Of course, during our design and production process, we do our best to make our bags so that they cannot become defective. Nevertheless, damage may occur through use or wear and tear. Please also read our Care page to see how problems can (partly) be prevented. 

We are happy to help you enjoy your bag for as long as possible. Your leather bag will only become more beautiful over the years. If your bag needs repair, you can come to us. Apart from a few exceptional cases, a bag can always be repaired.

From a sustainability point of view, we strive to offer you various repair options.

You can repair in different ways: 

  1. Self-repair
  2. Local repair
  3. Send your repair

When you submit your repair via our form, our service team can recommend the best option. Should the original materials or parts no longer be available, we will carry out the repair with a material as similar as possible. You can then enjoy the bag for years to come. If no similar material is available, our service team will suggest an alternative.



Want to add an extra hole to your shoulder strap or replace a zip puller on your bag? We recommend you first check out our DIY TIPS below to see if repairing it yourself is an option. We can supply you with the materials if needed.


*1. Loose threads

Does your bag have loose threads at the edges? You can easily remove these yourself using a lighter. Burning them reduces the chance of the threads coming loose, and also makes your bag look better!

A ) Let the loose part of the thread protrude from the leather as far as possible.

B ) Take a lighter on a low flame, then you won't burn your fingers.

C ) Slowly move the flame towards the thread and burn the thread all the way down.

D ) You can press on the burnt end of the wire for a nicer result. This simple job will prevent the wire from coming loose.


*2. Replacing a zip puller

A ) Is the pull tab on your zip puller broken or loose? If so, you'll need the following: (jewellery) pliers, a new zip puller and a cloth to protect the metal.

B ) Use pliers to gently open the ring on top of the zip puller. You don't need to open it all the way, just wide enough for the new pull tab to pass through.

Please note: Use a cloth under the pliers to protect the zip puller.

C ) Slide the new pull tab onto the open zip puller.

D ) Use pliers to fold the zip slider closed (remember to put a cloth in between again!) and make sure the new pull tab is in place.

You can go out with your bag again!



The most durable solution to get your bag repaired is to arrange a repair near you. Almost every shoemaker has enough tools to do the most common repairs. Should you need a new part, contact us, we can send it to you.

Then send us the receipt and we will reimburse the repair costs, as long as the warranty period of 2 years has not yet expired.


If the above options fail, you can send your bag to us to be repaired by our own repair expert. Please note that it may take several weeks before you get your repaired bag back.

Fill in our repair form to start this process. Our service team will assess your request and get back to you within 2 to 5 working days.

If the repair is within the warranty period of 3 years. We will repair the bag for free. If that period has expired, we will charge you.

We can also carry out major repairs (overhauls) if the bag has been heavily used for a few years and needs a good refurbishment.


Please note:

  1. When ordering this service, please specify which repairs you require (in the comments box).
  2. We will charge you for repairs based on actual costs incurred by the repairer. In addition, we will charge 4.95 for return costs.

You can send the bag (with the confirmation attached) to the following address:

Attn: Riseofrosa Service Team
Poort van Midden Gelderland Blauw, 3
6666LR Heteren